The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2020

I dug through Amazon and Etsy to find the BEST Father’s Day gift ideas I could for you guys! Tons of these are under $50.  And Daniel and my dad have fully vetted and approved them all 😂


Custom Engraved Pocket Knife + Custom Engraved Hammer

This engraved pocket knife came SO fast, I was totally shocked since it’s personalized.  But it’s really good quality and would be perfect for dads of all ages.  If he’s not a pocket knife kind of guy, this hammer is a really fun way to personalize a tool instead!


Neck Massager + Massage Gun

We’ve had this neck massager since last November and it is SO good. I’m sure you guys remember the cult-following it had around the holidays.  If you didn’t gift it to your dad then, now is the PERFECT time.  My whole family was using it every single time they came over for dinner 🤣

I also grabbed this massage gun to try out.  We have this one but it’s definitely pricey so I wanted to try an option under $100 and literally this one is SO good.  It’s quiet but still gives really good pressure.


No-Spill Tumbler + Personalized Yeti

I think we have like, 8 of these no-spill tumblers in our house no joke.  I bought mine and then Daniel stole it and took it to work so I ordered one for him.  Since they come in SO MANY different colors, we both just kept order new ones 😂 Daniel likes the 24oz and it keeps his water cold forever.

These personalized Yeti’s are an awesome option if your dad is a Yeti fan!


Portable Charger + Wireless Charging Station

These portable chargers are probably my BEST Amazon purchase, by far.  Daniel kept stealing mine and leaving them at his office so I had to get him his own.  They’re awesome because they’ll charge your phone FULLY twice on a single charge which is crazy.  He likes that he doesn’t have to be tied to a wall charger to charge his phone, too.

And we just upgraded his wireless charging station to this one with the wireless charging AirPods feature.  He charges his AirPods, Apple Watch and iPhone every night with this and then it’s all conveniently ready to go in the morning.


Beard KingToilet Timer

Now for the gifts you didn’t know you needed for the dad in your life 😂 I got Daniel the Beard King as a gag gift during the holidays and he actually LOVES it.  But I might love it more because there are little tiny hairs all over our bathroom now 🙌🏻

What is it with guys (all of them- husband, dad, brother!) taking FOREVER on the toilet!? I found this toilet timer and HAD to order it for Daniel.  I can’t wait to give it to him.

Let me know what you’re getting the dads in your life!  I saved a highlight with these and more over on my Instagram!






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    Carolyn Williams said:

    trying to find the men’s wallet you posted and also the cordless waterproof speaker.
    Thanks Carolyn

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