Homemade Vanilla Extract

If you are looking for an easy, homemade gift idea for Christmas I got you, girl! I ordered everything from Amazon (and Etsy!) so it was super easy to put together.  All my besties know that I am NOT a chef or baker or anything 😂 But if I can make this recipe, you can too 🙌🏻.

You can watch my mom and I make it over on my Instagram Highlight, and here are all the things you’ll need to make Homemade Vanilla Extract!


3-5 Vanilla Beans (Grade B)

8oz Vodka


Cut the vanilla beans in half lengthwise (leaving the end connected)

Place 3-5 vanilla beans (more for more flavor) in a bottle and cover with Vodka

Steep for at least 30 days, shaking the bottle from time to time. The longer you steep, the stronger it’ll be.  Once you use all the vanilla extract, you can add more alcohol to make more! You can also top it off as you use it.





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