Amazon Gift Ideas 2020

I can’t do gift guides without rounding up all the best Amazon gift ideas for you! These Amazon gift ideas are perfect for everyone on your list, from her to him, kids and stocking stuffers. I’m literally so pumped about these because there are so many good finds 🙌🏻 Let me know who you’re crossing off your list!

Amazon Gift Guide for Her

We have to start with this steam mop.  It’s awesome if you have any kind of hard floors.  We have real wood floors and it cleans them so well without damaging the wood or any gross chemicals 👏🏻. It’s under $100 and would make the perfect gift for your mom, mother-in-law, or YOU 😂

The Burst Toothbrush is such an awesome gift.  I’m super picky about toothbrushes but these are so good, we all use them (me, Dan, Lisa, Kaylee, Rob…lol everyone).

One of our favorites is the Eufy robovac.  It works really well and you can control it from an app on your phone.  It’s also way quieter than other brands that we have owned and WAYYY cheaper!

My mom got my sister this Sprocket printer which prints sticky-backed photos straight from your camera roll on your phone via Bluetooth and takes zero ink.  It is perfect for baby books, memories, etc!

Some other random favorites of mine that would be awesome gifts for any girl on your list are this ultrasonic jewelry cleaner (super compact!), these slippers that are better than UGG in my personal opinion and like $20, this portable charger (of course! 😉), and this key finder.  Honestly, I don’t know a single person that couldn’t use the key locator lol.  Works WAY better than Tiles in my opinion!

Kitchen Favorites for Her

If you’re shopping for someone who loves kitchen finds, this pan is literally the best non-stick pan I have ever used (legit will make eggs with no oil or butter and zero mess!).  Some of our favorite kitchen staples are these 5 piece utensils, this pink mixing bowl set. I’ve talked about these knives a million times but they’re literally SUCH good quality.  They’re super sharp and are under $100 for the entire set and block!

Also, this dutch oven is IDENTICAL in quality and works exactly the same as our Le Cruset’s but is legit like 1/10th of the price.  My mom and I both agree we will NEVER buy the real deal again!



Amazon Gift Guide For Him

I just found this Halo battery pack a couple weeks ago and it’s literally bomb.  It can charge your phone AND jump a car?? Like what 🤯 I feel like every one should have this in their car at all times lol.  My dad would be proud 😂.

Some of Daniel’s favorite Amazon buys I’ve gotten him are this smart level (he says it’s his fave gift idea on this whole post 😉), this custom knife I got him for Father’s Day, and this massage gun (literally identical to the $399 one he has by Hypervolt!).

Nothing is more annoying the MacBook chargers, but the side winder organizer is the answer to all your charger problems.  We’ve had them for like 3 years, they have held up so well and keep your charger cable all wound up while you’re not using it.  It makes packing up your laptop SO MUCH easier to deal with.

This charging station I got Daniel for Christmas last year and it still works perfectly!  It’s so affordable and charges his phone (wirelessly), AirPods, and Apple Watch all at the same time.

If the guy on your list likes his coffee HOT, the Ember travel mug is the perfect gift.  He can keep it hot all morning long and not have to worry about it getting cold if he gets busy.

A bluetooth speaker is always a good idea, and you really can’t go wrong with the fly zapper.  Daniel has way too much fun with his 😂 If you’re looking for the gift that gives back to you, you NEED the beard king! Honestly, you’ll never have to clean up all those tiny little beard clippings again 🙌🏻

Amazon Gift Guide For Kids

Rhett LOVES his Jeep that we got last year. It is the perfect gift and we love that it has a remote we can control it with.  He hasn’t tried using the pedal to make it go himself yet, but it’ll be so fun for him when he does.

These pajamas are super soft and I love that they’re two pieces.  I just ordered these adorable soft bows for baby girl and I can’t wait to put her in them.

The helper stool is such a game changer if your little one likes to be in the kitchen with you! My mom actually got it first for Rhett and I had to order one immediately because he loved using it at her house.

l got him a garbage truck and UPS truck made by Bruder which so many of you recommended!  Their toys are SUPER high quality and I’m probably most excited to give him this!

Some of our household favorites are this play sink, these Simple Modern tumblers (cute stocking stuffer!), this (extremely annoying but very loved) whale, and this play Dyson cordless vac.

My sister got Rhett this balance bike and my mom got my nieces this play grocery store and shopping cart that are SUPER cute and they will love!

Amazon Stocking Stuffers

Amazon is literally the best place to get stocking stuffers from because they have SO MANY options.  And you can find whatever your looking for at any price point 🙌🏻

Card games are perfect because they’re small enough to fit in stockings but they’re super fun too.  Splurt or Our Moments are two of my favorites, but I’m going to link all our favorite games below!

I think a teeth-themed stocking would be so funny and something I would totally love 😂 You could throw in the pre-rinse and the tongue scraper! A few other beauty finds that would be perfect are the Dead Sea Mud Mask, the acne patches, and this BOMB hair mask! My hair has never been softer, seriously whoever you gift this to will love you for it!


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